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Glen Hills Primary School Curriculum





At Glen Hills Primary School we have always ensured we put a great emphasis on our curriculum to develop the whole child, as we believe a quality education has the curriculum at its heart.  We offer an enriched and inclusive curriculum, which in addition, promotoes the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of each child and we aim to provide our learners with the knowledge, skills, character and ambition for them to succeed.



The curriculum at Glen Hills Primary School has been carefully structured by year group staff so that we can inspire our children to learn each term.  


Each term, curriculum links are made where relevant, but subjects are taught discretely.  We place value on ensuring children make links and associate the knowledge and skills they learn in each subject with that subject.  We believe it is important that children recognise and understand when they are 'being Historians...' or when they are 'being Artists...' etc. as this supports not only their skills and knowledge in that subject area, but also their aspirations for further study later in life and this may even provide a guide to a possible future career.


Learning for each term is centred around an enriched and inclusive curriculum incorporating the use of detailed Knowledge Organisers which specify the key knowledge we want our children to remember and retain.  The Knowledge Organisers can be found on the website, in class and they are also sent home so that parents too can be involved in their child's learning.



Curriculum Intent Statement


Educate today, for tomorrow...


The intent of our curriculum is to offer all our learners an enriched curriculum to provide them with the knowledge, skills, character and cultural capital to succeed as lifelong learners. - Educate today, for tomorrow. 


This is made up of three main foci, see below:


Our first key focus is that of long term memory alteration for our inclusive curriculum, as we need to work hard on ensuring what we teach today, is remembered tomorrow and beyond.  This relates to the full range of curriculum subjects we offer,  it's about ensuring our learners have all the skills and knowledge for tomorrow and their future to thrive.


Learners who need extra support in a lesson receive ‘scaffolding’ which may be through adult support, vocabulary banks, writing frames, additional resources for example.   Learners who are ‘greater depth' and need their learning to ‘go deeper’ will be challenged through ‘challenge’ activities. We ensure an inclusive curriculum accessible for all through a responsive and adaptive teaching approach to ensure there is no ceiling to learners' education.  We have introduced Knowledge Organisers across the curriculum to aid retention of knowledge to the long term memory and for retrieval opportunities for use by learners, staff and parents (see Greater Depth page on KO's).

Our curriculum needs to be strong in Phonics, Reading, Writing and Maths, but in addition we put a great value all subjects; so that our learners are exposed to a wealth of opportunity and interest through their learning. Reading is at the heart of our curriculum,  as we believe it opens doors to all life long learning.  We focus on  whole class reading Skills (WCR), 1-1/paired reading , author of the month and story time across the school, in addition to Synthetic Phonics lessons upon starting in the EYFS.  We ensure reading books are apppropriately challenging and encouarge participation in our GH Reading Miles.  In addition,  we support learners who find reading more challenging with additional interventions such as Speed Read/Sounds and Toe by Toe.

Our knowledge engaged curriculum, taught alongside subject-specific skills, enables our children to learn as historians, musicians and designers etc. Therefore, learners not only retain the knowledge and skills taught, but develop a love of learning and enthusiasm of these subjects, supporting their cultural capital and potential career choices both in school and later in life. 



The second focus is our enriched curriculum, we provide enrichment opportunities across all our curriculum, to help children experience the awe and wonder of the world in which we  live.  We value our creative, sporting and cultural opportunities alongside all our extra curricular activities, visitors, visits and theme days/weeks.  Such as local MP visits, synagogue visits, Jewry Wall Museum visits, Viking Day, Science week, Global Day, Rice Bowl Football Championships, Stonehurst Farm Park visit, Leicester Riders Basketball sessions, Great Glen Hills Bake off to name a few.  This enrichment is a strength of our curriculum, as we recognise it's key for Glen Hills' learners , some of whom don't get these opportunities for enrichment outside of the school and  it's an important breadth of our curriculum to be able to offer widespread experiences needed for later life so learners can persue their own interests and ambitions.  Community involvement is a key aspect of Glen Hills Primary School and a key strength across the school - also highlighting our strong Cultural Capital focus and sense of belonging. 




The third focus is in relation to our learners' personal development and positive behaviour and attitudes developed through our Route To Resilience character development programme.  We use Route to Resilience to develop character, resilience and emotional well being of our learners everyday,  as it's embedded strongly into our curriculum and ethos.   Within lessons learners are aware of which 'character muscles' they are 'strengthening 'and they use these to help tackle situations they may face on the playground, in and around school and out of school.  We use the  'growth mindset 'approach to help learners develop their character to become the best version of themselves, as we believe Cultural Capital is about preparing learners with the skills and knowledge for what comes next to help them shape their futures. British Values and SMSC are therefore woven into our curriculum and throughout school life (see SMSC and BV pages) to promote tolerance, respect for others and of the rule of law and in understanding their rights and responsibilities. 

All staff and learners continue to ‘exercise their character muscles’ in assemblies, as part of  our behaviour policy and in all activities throughout our teaching.  We also work hard on our schools' safeguarding culture, ensuring safety is paramount and weaves through all aspects of the curriculum with the support of The Cambridgeshire PSHE scheme and The Purple Mash IT Scheme of work. 




Curriculum Implementation



Knowledge, skills and understanding are built over time to ensure long term retention, our staff plan activities for retention and learning in all lessons.  We consider teacher questioning also as a key resource when accessing the curriculum and bridging the short to long term memory of our learners.  Questioning is planned and challenges the learners to develop their learning with the help of Knowledge Organisers, which set out clearly what the learners need to learn and know.  Cross curriculuar links are in place throughout our curriculum, which is taught in progressive education steps (see Progression Maps) as learners need prior knowledge to build new knowledge and knowledge aids comprehension crucial for understanding.  

Key language and vocabulary are taught discretely and through subject specific themes as we recognise the importance of exposing children to a wide range of vocabulary and context.  We value the importance of quality first teaching and model skills across our lessons.

In order for our learners to be able to access our enriched curriculum and achieve academic success, we recognsie their emotional and social needs must be met so they are ready to learn, hence why we put high quality pastoral care and nurture at the heart of our teaching and school life and staff subject knowledge.  




Curriculum Impact



The impact of the curriculum is evident in the outcomes for our learners whereby every learner is to be the best possible version of themselves they can be.  Our learners' key sticky knowledge and vocabulary is to be committed to their long term memoy.  Our learners have developed an appreciation of reading through an immersion of high quality texts.  Our learners are ready and prepared for the next stage of their learning through all the enrichment opportunities they have been exposed to, where they have the self belief that they can be the best they can be.  Our learners have progressed with the learning intended. High outcomes in teacher and standardised assessment and every leaner to be as resilent as they can be for their next stage in life.



The learning culture of character is promoted through Route to Resilience. We use the Route to Resilience ‘character muscles’, which are introduced in assemblies, discussed in class and promoted through activities and actions, to underpin our teaching in all subjects, these are fundamentally the values we as a school have chosen to focus on.   We also work hard on our schools' safeguarding culture, ensuring safety is paramount and that it weaves through all aspects of the curriculum.  This will ensure our pupils have every opportunity to develop these skills to enhance their confidence, enjoyment and success - while feeling safe and able to learn. Our Curriculum ensures that there is appropriate curriculum coverage of Fundamental British Values and Cultural Capital. Children learn to take personal responsibility for their own thoughts and actions and work to become the best versions of themselves.





Character Muscles we have chosen at Glen Hills Primary School to focus on are:




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