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A Guide to Parking Safely at Our School



Inconsiderate and dangerous parking around our school has become a big problem, putting the safety of children and others at risk.


We all want to keep our children safe, so here are some top tips, if you drive to school, on how you can make a difference. 


How Can You Help?


  • Park at the Memorial Hall car park and walk to school
  • Follow the one way system
  • Keep your speed down
  • Turn your engine off if leaving your vehicle
  • Keep the school gates clear at all times - stopping here, even to drop off your child for a short period of time, is dangerous
  • Do not enter the school car park unless authorised to do so by Mrs Wesley
  • Do not park in the residents' car park across the road from the school or block local residents' drives
  • Leave the middle of the road free, with enough room for other road users to easily pass through
  • Leave enough room for emergency vehicles to access school and Birch Court residential care home, on Bellamy Close
  • Make sure your child leaves and enters your vehicle safely to and from the pavement
  • Check for pedestrians and cyclists before opening a car door
  • Leave enough room on pavements for pedestrians to get past
  • Take care when reversing

Have You Considered?


  • Walking or cycling to school instead?  This is a great way to contribute to a child's 60 minutes of activity a day and is easy to incorporate into your daily routine.  Try it once a week at first and see how easy it can be.
  • Parking nearby but not on Featherby Drive or Cork Lane.  If you live too far away to walk, or need your car for your commute to work, you can still walk part of the way.  Doing this every day could add up to an adult's recommended 30 minutes of moderate exercise, 5 times a week.
  • Using the Memorial Hall to Park and Stride.  This would help to relieve some of the congestion around the school and contribute to yours and your child's exercise.
  • Car Sharing is a great way to reduce congestion and save you pennies.  Team up with other parents or carers who live nearby - share the cost and halve the hassle!




To ensure the safety of our children during busy drop off and collection times, we ask that our parents and carers follow a voluntary one-way system when entering and exiting Featherby Drive.


This one-way system has been used in the past by many visitors to the school, but I am aware that many new parents may not know about it and how successful it is in keeping traffic flowing at busy times.  


We ask that cars do not drive against the suggested flow of traffic.


Please make sure that you tell anyone else who drops/collects your child about the one way system.


Your Questions Answered...


Can I double park if I remain in my vehicle?

No.  Vehicles parked in the middle of a road, or double parked on opposite sides of a road, cause obstruction for all road users and may obstruct the line of sight for pedestrians and children crossing the road.  


Am I okay to park on the zig-zag or 'Keep Clear' markings if I am only there for a few minutes?

No.  Under no circumstances should you park on zig-zag or 'Keep Clear' markings at any time.  These are there to protect school entrances and leave a clear view of the street for pedestrians.  

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