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Expectations of behaviour


At Glen Hills, we have a strong shared belief that pupils need to be happy at school. If they are not happy, they will not learn and develop to their maximum. Our approach is underpinned by our mission statement, 'Education Today for Tomorrow'. The opportunities we provide revolve around an atmosphere of individuality, creativity, enrichment and high standards throughout. We believe that the 'extras' are of key importance; we need to ensure that music, drama, sports and the wider curriculum engage and inspire pupils.

We can only achieve this with high standards of school identity, attitude to learning and behaviour; this is another aspect where we feel our pupils shine.

Our Behaviour Policy and our Anti-Bullying Policy are attached below and link closely to our Routes to Resilience Programme and Happy Lunchtimes.





We aim to create a learning environment which is safe, predictable and transparent,  from which children can develop a sense of independence and responsibility.


To minimise the potential for inappropriate behaviours to arise therefore, school routines, such as how pupils settle into the classroom in the morning, or enter the hall for assembly, as well as expectations of good table manners at lunchtime, are built into the school day in order to create a structure within which children can feel safe and secure.


To view Glen Hills' Behaviour and Discipline Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy, click below.


Behaviour and Discipline Policy
Behaviour Policy.pdf
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Anti-Bullying Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy.pdf
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Class Self Management Plan
Class Self Management Plan.pdf
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Zones of Emotion
Zones of Emotion.pdf
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School Rules


Pupils are expected to work and play in a manner that is sensible, caring and thoughtful.  To support this, our Student Council worked with the children of the school to create a set of indoor and outdoor rules which provide clear guidelines for children's behaviour and which ensure consistency across the school.


School Rules (Indoor)

  • We respect school property.
  • We respect everyone, including adults.
  • We are kind.
  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
  • We listen to each other.
  • We are honest.
  • We walk sensibly through school.


School Rules (Outdoor)

  • We listen to Lunchtime Teachers.
  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
  • We are respectful to our Glen Hills family.
  • We are kind and empathetic.
  • We respect our equipment.
  • We are honest.
  • We can cooperate and self-manage.
  • We have fun!

Through the application of these rules, we aim to develop children's sense of responsibility and character and to instill in our children the need to consider consequences of words or actions.


Reward System


Children behave appropriately when they feel good about themselves and others, when they have good models to follow, when they achieve success and when they are valued.  Rewards are therefore an important way in which the school focuses on desired behaviours.


We recognise and reward positive behaviour through:


  • Verbal praise
  • Comments on work
  • Affirmation stickers and stamps
  • Character Muscle award certificates and stickers
  • Weekly Achievement Awards assemblies
  • Lunchtime Stars awarded by Lunchtime Teachers
  • Lunchtime pom poms and the Golden Lunchbox
  • Termly 'Table of Awesomeness' invites
  • Showing work to the Headteacher or Deputy Heads
  • House Points and half termly House Point celebrations


Behaviour which may lead to one of these rewards includes:

  • Overcoming a barrier to learning
  • Consistently good performance in class
  • Outstanding achievement in a particular subject
  • Demonstrating excellent use of Character Muscles, such as Perseverance, Going the Extra Mile, Cooperation etc
  • Kind and caring actions or helpfulness
  • Following the School Rules in the classroom and during lunchtimes and play times.


Whilst most children behave well, there are occasions when we need sanctions.  In every classroom, there is a Behaviour Management system and the School Rules are clearly visible around school.  See Behaviour Policy for further information on how behaviour is managed in school.


At lunchtimes, our Lunchtime Teachers deal with any minor behaviour issues using strategies agreed as part of our Happy Lunchtimes approach.  For more information on Happy Lunchtimes, please see below.


Happy Lunchtimes
Happy Lunchtimes.pptx
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Any questions or queries should be initially directed to Miss Holdroyd in our school office. Email: Paper copies of any of the information on the website, including Governor Minutes can be obtained upon request. Glen Hills is a Lead Hub Member of the Symphony Learning Trust. The registered company number is 07941899. © Glen Hills Primary School