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Student Council Minutes October 2019
Student Council Minutes October.pdf
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Student Councillors 17 - 18

Student Council Meeting example 06/03/19


No suggestions or worries in the Suggestions and Worry boxes.


The chdn think there needs to be a reminder in assemblies about the suggestion/worry boxes.

Mrs Blackwell to send email to all class teachers to remind their class about the boxes.

The chdn would like a second set of boxes in a location near KS1.


Crazy Hair Day was a success!  The chdn really enjoyed organising it.  Over £200 was raised which means the SC budget is £521.18.

The chdn would like to order the bench now and see if it is used frequently. If it is used lots, they would like to order a second one with the extra money raised.


Focus this half term is colouring competition/quiz in the run up to Easter.  The winner could be revealed in the assembly before we break up.

Suggestion of an Easter as a prizes. Separate winners for KS1 and 2.

Unanimous for colouring and quiz in each key stage.


Concerns about preventing cheating on the quiz (do we allow the quizzes to be taken home or should it be a lunchtime quiz)?








Student Council Meeting 13/03/19


All present


Suggestion and Worry Boxes – suggestions for pyjama day and more talent shows.


The children agreed that there is already going to be a talent show on Friday for Charity Day.

They would like to consider a pyjama day for after Easter.


Mrs Blackwell to order the bench this week in the hope that it will be ready to use after Easter.


Mrs Blackwell feedback that Mrs Wesley is happy for the colouring competition and quiz to go ahead before Easter.


Bradley suggested that we have the quiz at lunch time.  Isis suggested that we could allow children to take the quiz away


Mrs Blackwell asked the children to consider what would happen if lots children get the answers correct:

  1. Names out of a hat – unanimous
  2. Another quiz – 0 votes


Two options for the quiz:

  1. Take it away to complete – 0 votes
  2. Do it at lunchtime – unanimous


Quiz to take place on Wednesday 10th April.

Children spent the rest of the time finding pictures for the Easter colouring competition.

Student Council Meeting 20/03/19


All present


Suggestion and Worry Boxes – suggestion of a character muscle dress up day – the children wondered how this would be done but Mrs Blackwell will pass it onto Mrs Wesley.

Suggestion of finishing at 2:30pm on Mondays and Fridays.  The children discussed why this seemed like a good idea but then raised reasons why it wasn’t.


No worries

Discussed the colouring competition – concerns about people cheating at home but Mrs Blackwell explained that we need to trust people.

Suggestion that Mrs Bretherton selects the top three from KS1 and 2 from the competition and the student Council select the final winners.

Mrs Blackwell to check Mrs Bretherton is happy to do this.


Children selected the designs for the colouring competition.

They then discussed how to sell the pictures and when.


To be discussed next week: closing date, cost










Student Council Meeting 27/03/19


3 children not present (in class working)

Due to time constraints the children decided to postpone the quiz until after Easter so thjat they can focus on the colouring competition.


It was agreed that we will charge 20p.

The closing date is Tuesday 9th April.

Children to buy the pictures from the fruit shack (juniors) and on the playground (infants). They will be selling them all of next week.

Agreed Timetable for selling


Fruit shack

Infant playground

Monday 1st April



Tuesday 2nd April



Wednesday 3rd April



Thursday 4th April





Children spent the rest of the meeting time creating posters.



Here For You and With You!
Welcome to the Student Council page.
We are a passionate team of children ready to make positive changes to our school. We want school to be a place where everyone feels happy, safe and can express their individuality. We address worries and, where appropriate, respond to suggestions. The Student Council is here for you and with you.
Deputy Head:Kiera
Deputy Head:Eva
Assistant Deputy: Reuben
Members: Leo, Logan, Dylan, Skye, Carmello, Maya, Sadie, Henry and Eloise
Thank you for voting for me to be head of your Student Council. I will work very hard to make lots of changes in our school. I am to help make our school a safer and happier place. Do not hesitate to ask the your Councillors for new things. We are here for you.
Our Aims:
We aim to ensure the school stays a happy and safe place for all children. We aim to address and launch new projects to keep the school's welcoming and positive atmosphere. We aim to make the school a haven for all children.
With our aims in sight we will be launching many new initiatives and fundraising for different equipment.
These include:
- Termly Bake/Toy sales
- Secret Angels
- Care Boxes
- Assemblies on democracy and tolerance
- Movie Lunchtimes
- Supporting the PSA
Launching Secret Angels and Care boxes
The launch of the care boxes and SA has been very successful. Both will continue to run to the end of the year with termly evaluations.
British Values
The Student Councillors discussed the importance of democracy in the UK. They specifically discussed democracy in school. The Councillors reminded children of how important their voice in schools are. They discussed the value of sharing opinions and ideas to make the school an even better place.
Poster Competition
Alice, Kiera and Eva have taken part in the Goldhill/Home Office knife crime/anti-social behaviour poster competition. We are waiting to hear back from the Goldhill community and the Home Office. Good luck girls.
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